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My Preconceptions of Twilight

Posted in Books, Film, Popular culture by The Anti-Culture on February 27, 2009


Just to note: I have not yet seen the movie or have read this book as I write this note. I’m just merely explaining my preconceived thoughts to why this book is popular at this time.

A Casual Introduction to the Vampirism genre

I believe “Twilight” is a warning sign of a “bad” book because of its formulaic structure. The same themes get repeated over and over and over and over again over a span of over 100 years (just kidding, but you get my point). That’s usually a sign of a problem in culture when we seem to can’t create anything new or radical anymore. which is why this cultural age we live in is called post-modernism, where we’ve fetishized and commodified culture to an extent that it means nothing anymore. We learn nothing from these books aside from the fact that it plays to our emotions (ie. passionate love), and its a rewrite of a rewrite of a rewrite (the original story being Bram Stoker’s Dracula).

It was cool in the beginning when Stoker wrote Dracula, but then everybody else hitched a ride on the “vampire train” and things got a little out of hand. So to sum it all up, the more a concept is rewritten, the worse it gets culturally to the point it means nothing anymore. Dracula used to be about sexuality and religion during the Victoria Era, which was radical for its time, but now its merely nothing more than a commercial venture that plays to the emotions of the audience. Why do you think we have genres such as mystery, horror, and romance? Genres like these never existed before and usually is a result of buying into a concept by many different authors over a period of time.

An important thing to remember, like television and film, books are also a commodity ruled by the supply and demand of human emotion. Ever wonder why there seems to be a lot of superhero/fantasy movies coming out these days? that’s a result of a cultural rewrite of an age when this was popular. Lets go back to the 1960s-1970s Cold War era where people bought into things like Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, and Captain America because it took their mind off of the Russians who had nukes pointed at the United States. Comic book superheroes gave a sense of comfort during a time when nuclear war was immenent. Now we’re doing the same thing, because of the War on Terror. Why they’re bringing back the Vampire genre I don’t really know for sure, but with movies like Underworld, Interview With a Vampire, Buffy, Helsing, Blade, and Twilight there is a reason why western society is doing this. Until I read the book and watch the movie will I know what exactly the book is drawing connections from (aside from the vampire aspect), and from that, we can see how the book is a reflection on our present-day society.

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